Agnes Verano's Rene Kraus in Las Vegas. Agnes Verano creating the perfect setting for you event in Las Vegas, NV

Agnes Verano’s Rene Kraus in Las Vegas

Learning about the events industry in Las Vegas is truly fascinating.  After all, Las Vegas is everything about entertainment, surprise, glamour, and, unexpected and unforgettable experiences. Agnes Verano’s René Kraus is in Las Vegas living part time and enjoying everything the star-studded town has to offer. René is ready for her next big event to be here in the infamous Las Vegas community.

I am looking forward to attending the industry event of the year, held by the Las Vegas Hospitality Association on November 7 at the innovative Vu Studios. It will be total immersion into a gathering of the talented people of Las Vegas who really do make dreams come true.  I’m especially interested in experiencing the Motion Control 360 camera, the rotating camera that captures every angle of the participant.  

Yes, just like at the Oscars!

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